Banjilista Kandulna

18000 / month
January 1, 1991

About Candidate

Hello, I am Banjilista Kandulna. I am married and originally from Jharkhand, and currently live in Gurgaon. I’m looking for a full-time (24 hours), live-in job as a housemaid in Gurgaon/Delhi. I take pride in my ability to tackle various household chores, such as dusting, mopping, cleaning, sweeping, and helping in the kitchen.

I am dedicated, reliable, and willing to take two days off every month to recharge. I look forward to the opportunity to provide attentive and loving care to your little ones and contribute to a happy and healthy home environment.

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Sweeping And Mopping
Dusting, and Cleaning Utensils
Ironing Clothes, And Helping In The Kitchen