Sukla Das

21000 / month
November 1, 1988

About Candidate

Hello, I am Sukla Das, a highly experienced cook with a culinary journey spanning 15 years. While currently residing in Chakkarpur, my roots trace back to West Bengal. I am actively seeking a full-time 24-hour live-in position as a cook in Gurgaon, bringing a wealth of culinary expertise to your kitchen.

My skills encompass a diverse array of cuisines, ranging from the flavors of North Indian and South Indian to the finesse of Chinese cuisine. With a passion for creating delightful and flavorful dishes, I am dedicated to ensuring a memorable dining experience for those I serve. I’m dedicated to my work, and I understand the importance of balance in life. That’s why I will take 2 days off every month to recharge and spend quality time with my family.

I’m excited about the chance to work with you and craft unforgettable dining experiences.

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North Indian, South Indian
Chinese Food
Kitchen Maintenance & Grocery Shopping