Geeta Rahi

19000 / month
January 1, 1968

About Candidate

Hello! My name is Geeta Rahi, and I am from Chhattisgarh. I am currently residing in Gurgaon. I am eager to find a full-time live-in ( 24 hrs) job, and I believe I would be an excellent fit as a cook. I am seeking opportunities in the Gurgaon area. I am excited about the possibility of becoming a valuable addition to your household. Together, we can establish a well-organized and harmonious home environment. My true passion lies in the art of cooking, and I take great pleasure in preparing delectable meals for families.

I’d like to mention that I will require two days off each month. These days can be scheduled in advance to minimize any disruption to my work schedule. I extend my gratitude to you for considering me for this opportunity, and I eagerly anticipate the chance to collaborate with you, creating memorable dining experiences for your family.

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North Indian, South Indian
Kitchen Maintenance & Grocery Shopping