Manju Minz

Maid, Cook, Babysitter
20000 / month
January 1, 1990

About Candidate

I’m Manju Minz, originally from Ranchi and currently residing in Gurgaon. I’m a contentedly married individual with a strong desire to secure a part-time position. I possess a diverse set of qualities that establish me as a dependable choice for both foreign and NRI families. I’m a versatile worker, proficient in managing a spectrum of tasks including culinary skills, household duties, and childcare. With my diverse skill set and commitment to quality service, I’m here to make your daily life easier and more comfortable.

Cooking is an authentic source of joy for me, and I derive immense satisfaction from creating delightful dishes for your dear ones. Moreover, I am highly skilled in effectively handling various household tasks, guaranteeing the continuous orderliness and organization of your living environment. My history is enriched with valuable expertise in childcare, and I am wholeheartedly dedicated to placing the safety and welfare of your children at the forefront of my responsibilities.

I’d like to mention that I’ll need weekly off. You can trust that I will conscientiously and responsibly fulfill all my responsibilities on the days I’m working. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute as a valuable addition to your household. I am truly excited about the chance to work alongside you and your family, playing a role in the growth and welfare of your children. I am eagerly anticipating the path that lies ahead in this journey.

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North Indian, And South Indian, Continental, Chinese
General Household Work
Baby Care